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The idea of a Cruelty Free Super fund was first introduced to Australia in 2008. Ethical Money Pty Limited is an Australian company formed in Melbourne in 2009 to offer something new to investors who want to apply their social, ethical, Faith-based and environmental values to their financial arrangements.

Ethical Money's founder, Lee Coates, is one of the UK's most respected experts in ethical and socially responsible investment. Lee has lectured internationally on the subject of responsible investment, has created some of the world's most innovative and interesting responsible investment products and is one of the world's highest qualified financial planners (ISO22222).

Ethical Money Pty Ltd will bring values and money together, offering unique investment opportunities for responsible investors. A series of funds are planned for launch over the next 5 years, to meet the specific needs of different groups within society; all too often ethical or socially responsible funds try to be "all things to all people" and actually end up being suitable for no one; the ethical values become so generic that they do not relate to the personal views of individuals.

About the Founder

Lee Coates established the first vegan investment funds in the UK in 1992, pioneering the concept that animal welfare issues were as important as human rights and the environment. In 2010, he launched Cruelty Free Super in Australia, building on the success of the UK funds. Lee has been an ethical financial planner in the UK for 27 years, and in 2011 was awarded an OBE for services to ethical business and finance. He believes that Cruelty Free Super is the vegan route to retirement, and loves visiting Australia with his wife Sue to spread the message that ethical businesses and investments are the way to go - it IS 2016 after all. Lee was a drummer for various bands in a past life, loves his wife's excellent vegan cooking, and blogs at Cruelty Free Money on global cruelty-free money issues.

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