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Australians have been crying out for a way to ensure their compulsory super contributions fit with their personal ethics. This Superfund offers informed consumers an investment path that will be kind to animals as well as the world we all live in. It is long overdue.
- Glenys Oogjes, Animals Australia Executive Director

It's wonderful for Australians to finally have an option for a superfund that doesn't involve cruelty to animals. Working for Stop Live Exports, it's very important to me that my money isn't invested in the cruel trade of live animal exports. This Super fund offers caring consumers an ethical way to invest in their own future, while investing in the future of all animals.
- Jodie Jankevics, Campaign Manager for Stop Live Exports

People no longer have faith in the systems that they used to, they want more control and ownership. It's not just enough to make money and save money, it needs to be ethically sourced and go towards helping others. How exactly can we be ethical in an un-ethical world? The first, obvious step to me, is to go vegan. The next is to get involved with positive people and groups who are promoting the positive change that is needed for our planet to evolve past this destructive phase. Cruelty Free Super exists to empower you and your monetary decisions. No longer does your retirement or investment money have to go to companies and services that are unethical or don't sit well with your conscience. No longer do you need to have suits dictating where your money should be invested. I believe in a cruelty-free existence for all our animal friends and all the people on this earth therefore I support Cruelty Free Super.
- Leigh-Chantelle, Viva la Vegan!

I think it's fantastic that people are taking up Cruelty Free Super. It's wonderful to see. But I'd like to see a lot more people signing up. It's so important that they know what their money's doing. I think some people would be horrified if they found out what was really going on. Cruelty Free Super is the natural choice for our business. Our whole business is based around cruelty free principles, so to be able to ensure that my staff and myself have our super invested in a fund that matches our values is very important to us.
- Jessica Bailey, The Cruelty Free Shop

I wanted to put my money into ethical investments for many years but never had the opportunity. There were other groups in Australia doing similar things, but nothing nearly as comprehensive or nearly as animal-friendly as Cruelty Free Super. It's absolutely critical for people to take that next step. It's well and good for people to get involved in animal rights activism, in human rights activism and environmental issues but putting your money where your mouth is literally in the case of Cruelty Free Super is something that you can do that's very simple, easy to do, and will have a huge effect long term.
- Jeremy Johnson, Vegan Perfection

Everyone needs to think about the link between their values and their money - that's a responsibility, not really an option. If you don't then you are effectively casting votes for consequences that you are responsible for but you don't know what they are. Second Strike is a company that believes strongly in superannuation. As the Director I have bored my staff on many occasions about it. The one time we were equally excited about super was when we changed the default super provider to Cruelty Free Superannuation. I don't think any of us had considered what our super was being invested in on our behalf before that, but it sure sparked a great discussion. Our ethics are fundamental to our work, and to all of the crew personally. When we believe in justice and the environment, these are not values that can be left at the door to start work.
- David Mould, Director of Second Strike

Where we invest our money is really important. A lot of people put money into superannuation not understanding the impact that it has on the environment, animals and other issues. If we put our superannuation with other companies, we could actually be financially supporting those industries that we work every day trying to oppose. Therefore, it does make sense to put our superannuation with Cruelty Free Super. I do know that many superannuation companies do invest in biotech companies that do involve the use of animals. So it's really important my staff and I that we're not supporting that.
- Helen Marston, Humane Research Australia

The animal rights community has been waiting decades for a superannuation fund that wouldn't compromise their ethics. Now we have one! As a vegan and animal rights activist, I didn't want to compromise my ethics any longer by investing in funds that profit from animal and human exploitation. Not only does Cruelty Free Super refuse to invest in companies that exploit humans, animals and the environment; but they will invest this money into businesses building a better world. Not only is it ethical, but I have been very impressed with the fund's performance.
- Katie Batty, Coordinator of Animal Rights Advocates (Inc.)

It's fantastic that the fund is growing, that more people are getting on board and investing their money in a cruelty free way. It's terrific to think that more money is going to be taken away from cruel industries, and also that the fund will increasingly provide leverage for other super funds to look at cruelty free options and take their money out of cruel industries. We don't want to be protesting in front of factory farms while at the same time investing in factory farms. It's another thing for people to think about, whether they can move their money to align with their own values.
- Bruce Poon, Animal Justice Party

More people should think about their money and values. That's why I opened Loving Hut - so people could eat without harming animals or the planet. Cruelty Free Super is good for people who don't want their money to harm animals or the planet. Cruelty Free Super is the preferred option for my staff at Loving Hut because we support all ways for saving the planet and promoting a vegan lifestyle. Cruelty Free Super money doesn't support any harming of animals and the planet.
- Candi, Loving Hut

"Congratulations on the "Cruelty Free" concept - a concept that no other ethical fund seems to be able to grasp. From an animal rights point of view the current ethical funds in Australia are far from ethical. All the large funds invest in companies that conduct animal experimentation. This is a little know and well glossed over fact."
- Alan, NSW

"Cruelty Free Super will not fund the same industries that I avoid as a consumer in other aspects of my life: those that do harm to animals. As someone who makes ethical choices as a consumer, this is very important to me.

Cruelty Free Super is a much-needed alternative to funds that invest in industries that do harm to animals. As a member of Cruelty Free Super I know that I am not only avoiding the bad industries, I am investing in the good ones."
- Bridget, Sydney

"I found CFS by browsing on the Internet for ethical super funds. It was the only one that fulfilled my ethical expectations."
- Cody

"Second Strike is a company that believes strongly in superannuation. As the Director I have bored my staff on many occasions about it. The one time we were equally excited about super was when we changed the default super provider to Cruelty Free Superannuation. I don't think any of us had considered what our super was being invested in on our behalf before that, but it sure sparked a great discussion. Our ethics are fundamental to our work, and to all of the crew personally. When we believe in justice and the environment, these are not values that can be left at the door to start work."
- David Mould, Director, Second Strike

"I'm a strong advocate for stopping animal cruelty, saving our environment and looking at other alternatives for our energy and the way we run our cars. I'm also a passionate raw vegan, so being part of the Cruelty Free Super would be my only real & logical chose. Thank you Lee for doing such a great job."
Deb, ACT

"Just switched super funds again! Happy to be with Cruelty Free Super. Do you know where your super is being invested? I Do!"
- Elena

"I realised I wanted to make sure that my super money was not going to support unethical treatment of animals. Thanks for all you do for the animals."
- Esther

"It's so nice to know that my super is going to be invested ethically by people who care about the well being of other sentient beings and our planet."
- Fiona, NSW

"I have never been a fan of the superannuation scheme but now I'm with Cruelty Free Super I feel a lot more comfortable about putting my money into super. I trust where my money is being invested and know that my investments are not being used to condone animal cruelty or have a negative impact on our environment."
- Deb, ACT

"I've been a vegan for 20 years and just came across your site and knew it was the best thing for me to do! Thank you so much for doing what you do."
- Greg, SA

"Just got the ball rolling to switch over! Forms are ready to post. Can't wait to have my super in the hands of compassionate people."
- Jacinta

"A big thank you to Lee and the team at Cruelty Free Super. The vegan community has been waiting a long time for a place to invest our money that doesn't result in cruelty and abuse towards animals"
- James G, QLD

"I like to know where my money is being invested and that the choices being made by Cruelty Free Super are the right ones and I don't have to worry about the negative impact it may be having on animals & the world's environment. I wish all super funds had the same outlook and ideas as Cruelty Free as the world would be a much better place. It also proves that you can make money without the impact of cruelty and bad environmental effects."
- Deb, ACT

"It only seems like it was CFS's first birthday last month. It's great to hear that the fund is doing well, not only for my investment, but mainly for the animals. I'm so glad that you have made cruelty free superannuation available to all of us here in Australia."
- Liz, VIC

"Every fortnight I feel so happy to see Cruelty Free Super on my payslip, a clear conscience investment for my future."
- Louissa, VIC

"It's so good to know our super is cruelty free, like the rest of our home!"
- Nichola

"I heard about CFS through Animals Australia; thanks for the great work and service you offer. It's nice to have this choice."
- Saraswati

"As an ethical vegan, there is no alternative. All vegans should be with Cruelty Free Super like my hubby and I are. And not just vegans, anyone with a shred of humanity and decency should be thinking about the impact they are having on the world and work to make sure it's as positive as possible. Thanks Cruelty Free Super."
- Vicki Reasbeck, WA

"Ethical, social and environmental responsibility are issues that I feel very passionate about and I wholeheartedly believe that every individual should be doing everything in their power to make the world a kinder and more sustainable place. It is for this reason that I advocate so strongly for people to make simple easy changes in their lives such as committing to veganism and changing to cruelty free super in the hope that all of these seemingly small actions collectively contribute to a real, serious, positive change in the world."
- Vicki Reasbeck, WA

"Will promote Cruelty Free Super at every chance as I believe in what it does and what it stands for. Best of success."
- Wendy Sheppard

"The general public are mostly divorced from the food chain and their consumer goods. They are unaware or ill informed about the treatment of Animals in our world. No right minded individual would willingly condone cruelty in any form, yet most of them do, unwittingly through their everyday purchases. Investments often have the same level of disconnect. Cruelty Free Super offers everyone the opportunity for the best possible ethical investment, ensuring that their future does not rely on cruelty for its success".
- Ben, Melbourne


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