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Whilst we are all familiar with the concept of cruelty free cosmetics and products, the majority of people are probably not so familiar with the idea of Cruelty Free Money. Put simply, almost any financial product that you buy or invest in could be linked to the exploitation or mistreatment of animals.

The first example of Cruelty Free money arose in the UK in the early 1990s. Lee Coates, Director of financial planning firm Ethical Investors, observed that ethical funds at that time were almost exclusively focussed on ‘human’ and ‘moral’ issues, with some funds covering a narrow range of environmental issues as well.Lee developed his “three pillar” approach to ethical investment, which he named Cruelty Free Money. The three pillars of Cruelty Free Money are:

Animals – People - Planet

Over a two year period this three-pillar approach was refined in conjunction with his financial planning clients and three of the largest ethical fund providers adopted his ‘Cruelty Free’ investment strategy.

20 years later, these funds are amongst the most successful and financially rewarding investment funds in the UK. It's now time for Australians to benefit from access to Cruelty Free money.

Why bring the idea of Cruelty Free money to Australia?

Quite simply, for the same reasons as the concept was launched in the UK - every day large numbers of people concerned about the exploitation of animals, people and our planet are financing the very things they are campaigning against. In particular, everyone with a Super fund runs the risk of financing the exploitation of animals, people and our planet via the funds in which their Super is invested.

Our research currently indicates that there are no other equity funds which could be considered Cruelty Free according to the three pillar approach in Australia. Whilst there are a number of 'ethical' funds available, according to our research of the underlying shares held none of these would meet the needs of those looking for a holistically Cruelty Free investment. This may well come as a surprise to many of those who have chosen an ethical option, believing it would meet their needs. Unfortunately this is not the case. This is no criticism of the existing ethical fund providers; it is more a reflection of just how low on the agenda animal welfare issues often are for the more 'mainstream' investment companies.

Ethical Money Pty Limited is pleased to introduce the concept of Cruelty Free money to everyone who wants to genuinely follow a Cruelty Free lifestyle in all aspects of their life. To date, living Cruelty Free and investing for the future have been an incompatible combination, but no longer.

Visit the Ethical Money website for more information on other cruelty free money options - www.ethicalmoney.com.au


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