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Planning for your retirement is a long journey, involving many changes, obstacles and important decisions along the way. Most of us today are used to saving for our summer holiday and special events. We usually know how much money is needed for the one or two week break, and save over a number of months to make sure we have enough money to enjoy ourselves.

However, when it comes to the longest holiday of our lives - retirement - the majority of people do not always make the plans needed to ensure they are able to enjoy this time to the full. Given that retirement can represent as much as a quarter of our lives, it is clear that careful consideration must be given to planning for retirement. Cruelty Free Super offers to carry you along the road to retirement in an ethical, environmental and socially responsible manner.


Nowadays, the phrase 'a job for life' has been replaced with phrases such as 'flexible working' and 'variable career opportunities'. We are all moving between jobs, employers and even careers as we go through our working life, and at each change there may be yet another change in Super provider.

Having a Super fund that can move with you from employer to employer, job to job, and one that is consistent with your own personal values is something that can be offered by Cruelty Free Super.

Rolling over your old Super accounts into Cruelty Free Super can help ensure that your super money does not finance the exploitation of animals, people and our planet and might save money too (many Superfunds have fixed weekly fees so the more accounts you have the higher the fixed weekly fees). To consolidate your Super into a single manageable account like Cruelty Free Super click visit the Join Us page of this site.

Once you have opened your Cruelty Free Super account, you can stay in the fund from job to job over the years.

By opening a Cruelty Free Super account, you will have the following benefits:


Under the Government's Superannuation Guarantee legislation, most employers are required to make Super contributions on behalf of their employees. The legislation requires the employer to nominate a default Super fund, to which contributions will be made if employees do not choose an alternative super fund.

Cruelty Free Super invests your employees’ Super contributions in a way that is intended to have a long term beneficial impact on society and the environment, whilst avoiding activities that are considered socially or environmentally damaging. Full details of our ethical policy can in the 'Cruelty Free Issues' section of this site.

Cruelty Free Super can be selected as an employer's "Ethical Super of Choice" and has been specifically designed for all employers whose activities involve promoting animal welfare, human rights issues and care for our shared environment.

For example, Cruelty Free Super may be particularly suited to employers operating in the following areas:

For businesses operating in any of the areas listed above, choosing Cruelty Free Super as the employer default fund can:

At Cruelty Free Super, we are committed to making the management of your employee Super obligations as straightforward and hassle-free as possible. To find out how you can select Cruelty Free Super as your Ethical Super of Choice, please contact us.


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