The next step after buying cruelty free cosmetics

Our money has the potential to change the world

The first step – what we buy
When enough people make ethical purchase decisions, like buying cruelty free cosmetics - companies take notice and change their actions.
It makes little sense to redirect our consumer spending to ethical products, but have our superannuation invested in the very same companies we are trying to avoid.

Take the next step

Cruelty Free Super
We are the first fund in Australia that specifically screens our investment portfolio to avoid companies that harm or exploit animals.
No cosmetic testing on animals, we don’t support animals in sport, factory farming or live animal exports.
Our members’ superannuation is invested in line with the same values they use to make purchase decisions, like avoiding cosmetics tested on animals.
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Start investing your superannuation in line with your values.

The harsh reality of animal testing

The Humane Society International estimates 500,000 animals suffer and die each year due to animal testing of cosmetic ingredients or products.1
These include rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, rats and mice. By buying cosmetic products that conduct animal testing means paying companies to continue the harm to these animals.
There is no need for continued animal testing, with almost 20,000 safe and approved ingredients in the EU database that companies can use to produce products.2

Beauty without cruelty

1. Check for cruelty-free logos
Look for the Choose Cruelty Free, PETA or Leaping Bunny logos. These are independent companies that accredit cosmetics and personal care products to be cruelty free and/or vegan.
2. Is the brand or product on a cruelty free list?
Cross check your products with these cruelty-free databases
3. Your money makes a difference
At the end of the day, you hold the power to make a change. Decide where you spend your money as well as how your super money is invested.

What makes Cruelty Free Super different from other ethical funds?

Most ethical funds screen out investments that harm the planet and people. Cruelty Free Super has three ethical investment screens.
Cruelty Free Super does not invest in;
  • Companies that harm the planet (e.g. fossil fuels, nuclear energy, environmental destruction)
  • Companies that harm people (e.g. slave labour, detention centres)
  • Companies that harm and exploit animals (e.g. cosmetic testing, factory farming, animals in sport and entertainment)
Cruelty Free Super - we are about the Planet, People & Animals.

Where do you stand?

Be part of the change and make your super cruelty free.