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Switch to the super fund that will never
invest in cosmetic animal testing

Save animals from cruelty by investing your super
in positive things

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Money walks when money talks.

Cruelty Free Super is the only super fund that explicitly rules out investment in companies linked to animal testing.

So make a statement today by switching your super to the fund that doesn't hurt.

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When was the last time you checked what your super was funding?

From factory farming to animal testing, all in the name of profit, we humans have a lot to answer for. Can you say with confidence that your super is not invested in companies that profit from the misery, use or exploitation of animals? With us, you can.

Invest clean and green

Animal friendly companies

Have confidence knowing your super will support animal rights, vegan-friendly food choices and healthcare without animal testing.

Invest clean and green

100% Vegan Friendly

Zero investments in companies involved in using or exploiting animals for food, testing, entertainment or export.

Invest clean and green

Invest in a kinder world

Invest in positive industries like education, recycling and renewable energy.

Not only that

We avoid investments in harmful things like…

Invest clean and green
Fossil fuels
Invest clean and green
Intensive agriculture
Invest clean and green
Invest clean and green
Live animal exports
Invest clean and green
Invest clean and green
Animal cruelty

Kind investing means no more testing

We invest your super in projects that empower everyone’s future

Red lipstick made from crushed beetles, kitchen bench cleaner sprayed into the eyes of mice, medicine injected into rabbits... the list of industries that still engage in the cruel and inhumane practice of animal testing is sadly long. And unfortunately many funds invest in them for profit.

But thankfully there’s an investment option that doesn’t involve hurting or exploiting animals.

Our strict ethical charter means that we’re careful about choosing the companies we put your super into (ensuring they’re 100% vegan friendly).

We exclude companies who engage in animal testing. We pay particular attention to the conduct of companies who make cosmetics, household products and pharmaceuticals. We also screen out medical research facilities and companies that test on animals.

Trusted by many cruelty-free crusaders

We look after the retirement savings for some of Australia's leading (and everyday) cruelty-free crusaders

Without realising it, our super is invested into all kinds of industries, including ones that we find pretty abhorrent - meat, dairy, eggs. I didn’t want my money to be anywhere near that sort of thing.
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Super fund performance

Cruelty Free Super has outperformed it's benchmark since inception.

Cruelty Free

^ Returns provided are after fees have been taken out. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. Benchmark is CPI +2.25% per annum. Figures above show one-year returns up to 31 August 2018. Inception date is 30 September 2010.

Here are some of the good businesses you'll be
investing in

Our portfolio is carefully chosen to ensure that each and every company exceeds our strict ethical charter.

Cruelty Free Super's Returns

Our performance since we started.

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100% cruelty free, zero nasties.

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^ Returns provided are after after investment fees, percentage based administration fees and taxes but before dollar based administration fees have been taken out. Return of capital and the performance of your investment in the Fund is not guaranteed. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. Benchmark is CPI +2.25% per annum. Figures above show returns up to 31 Jan 2020. Inception date is 30 September 2010.

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Invest clean and green

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