Welcome to your new-look Member Portal

Dear VIM (very important member),

We have a new member portal!

Look, this might not be as exciting for you as it is for us (we are very nerdy about super), but we hope that some of our joy can rub off on you.

We’ve been working hard the last few months to take our mission to a new level. We’ve refreshed our brand, diversified the number of companies we invest in, strengthened our ethical screens, grown our member service team and lowered our fee. Over the next few months we’ll continue improving the product with a new member portal and investments in new asset classes to give our members the benefit of added diversification.

You might have noticed our new-look website, and if you're reading this, then obviously you've seen our new portal as well - we have built this new portal with our members in mind, to try to create a more engaging, authentic, and (most of all, as this is very rare in a super fund) simple way of interacting with your account.

You can expect to see some other changes in the coming months - it's all geared around giving you (and future members like you) the best experience possible as a member of a cruelty-free fund.

So stay tuned, because:

Image courtesy of: Connie Cann via Society6.
Yours in a kinder, more compassionate world,
Noelle Greenwood
General Manager, Cruelty Free Super
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