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Your super could be funding inhumane things right now

Superannuation companies can’t invest in anything illegal, but that doesn’t stop them investing in things that aren’t for the good of humanity. Unlike other funds, we put human rights first.

Invest clean and green

Put humanity first

Our strict ethical screening means that your money will never fund industries that invest in things like slave labour, detention centres, terrorism and inequality.

Invest clean and green

100% Vegan Friendly

Zero investments in companies involved in using or exploiting animals for food, testing, entertainment or export.

Invest clean and green

Invest in a kinder world

Invest in positive industries that will help create a kinder world like education, recycling, waste management and renewable energy.


We also avoid harmful things like....

Invest clean and green
Invest clean and green
Invest clean and green
Invest clean and green
Fossil Fuels
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Your super will never fund mistreatment of the world's most vulnerable

We invest your super in projects that empower everyone’s future

When you follow the money trail, it's unsettling to find how many everyday companies are complicit in the mistreatment of the world's most vulnerable people - like those involved in operating Australia's abhorrent offshore refugee detention program.

When you choose to go cruelty-free, you can be confident your super will never be invested in companies that profit from human misery. We have the strongest screens in the industry on this point. We take very seriously our mandate to remove the social license to trade in human misery for profit.

Trusted by many cruelty-free crusaders

We look after the retirement savings for Australia's leading (and everyday) cruelty-free crusaders

Without realising it, our super is invested into all kinds of industries, including ones that we find pretty abhorrent - meat, dairy, eggs. I didn’t want my money to be anywhere near that sort of thing.
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Here are some of the good businesses you'll be investing in

Our portfolio is carefully chosen to ensure that each and every company exceeds our strict ethical charter (and is a profitable, stable business too).

Ethical Funds do it better

Responsible investment funds have outperformed over 3, 5 and 10 years^

Responsible investment fund average return ^
Regular fund average return^
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^ Source: Responsible Investment Association of Australasia, 2017 Benchmarking Report, Figure 5. This graph shows 10 year returns for Australian share funds, comparing responsible funds with large-cap Australian share funds. This graph does not represent Cruelty Free Super's returns - to see these visit our performance & returns page. Past performance isn't a reliable indicator of future returns.

Invest clean and green

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