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Australia's most humane ethical screen

We don't invest in companies that profit from the misery of other humans or animals. We screen out all companies that profit from the use or exploitation of animals.

We also screen out all companies with involvement in running or financing detention centres.

Invest clean and green

Invest in a kinder world

Invest in positive industries like education, recycling and renewable energy.

Invest clean and green

Support Human Rights

Zero investments in companies involved in detention centres.

Not only that

We avoid investments in harmful things like…

Invest clean and green
Fossil fuels
Invest clean and green
Intensive agriculture
Invest clean and green
Invest clean and green
Live animal exports
Invest clean and green
Invest clean and green
Animal cruelty
Invest clean and green

100% vegan-friendly

Zero investments in companies involved in using or exploiting animals for food, testing, entertainment or export.

As mentioned in…

Put your money where your mouth is

Switching your super can help end animal suffering

Most of us don't think very much about our super. But in fact, it's real money that's invested in real things.

And chances are, your super is helping to fund cruel and inhumane practices every day.

We are Australia’s only vegan super fund.

When you shift to Cruelty Free Super, you can rest easily knowing your super is invested in line with your ethics. No more animal testing, farming, eating, hunting or racing.

But it's not just animals we care about. We are passionately committed to reducing the amount of human suffering in the world. That's why we screen out any involvement in Australia's harsh detention centre regimes.

We also believe in our shared human right to dignity and opportunity. That's why we prioritise our investments in education, healthcare (excluding those we screen out), and social enterprises.

We believe in everyone having a chance to live with freedom from cruelty: young and old, abled and disabled, regardless of gender, sexuality, colour, religion or species.
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* You should read the Product Disclosure Statement and other important documents before making any financial decisions.

Join the fund that won't stand for human rights abuses

Move your super out of companies that support offshore detention

Based on our research, 1 in 2 of Australia’s top 20 super funds either holds, or has held in the last 2 years, shares in companies that profit from the horrific human rights abuses committed in our name on Manus Island and Nauru.

Some super funds have even invested in these companies from their “socially responsible” investment options.

At Future Super, we’re proud to have the strictest ethical screen in the industry. And we’re proud to work with advocacy groups like Mums4Refugees, Climates, and AYCC. Together, we’re helping Australians to create a fairer, brighter future.

As we grow the movement of people divesting their funds out of fossil fuels, detention centres and other destructive industries - industries that are not helping to build the future that we want for our kids - we’re each making a powerful individual statement that we will no longer grant our super funds the unchecked license to invest our savings in things that don’t align to our ethics.

And we’re making an even more powerful collective statement. Because money talks when it walks. And this is how we build the future we would be proud to pass on to future generations - by simply not accepting an alternative any longer.

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Here are some of the good businesses you'll be investing in

Our portfolio is carefully chosen to ensure that each and every company exceeds our strict ethical charter.

Cruelty Free Super's Returns

Our performance since we started.

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100% vegan, zero nasties.

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^ Returns provided are after fees have been taken out. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. Benchmark is CPI +2.25% per annum. Figures above show returns up to 30 Sep 2019. Inception date is 30 September 2010.

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What our customers say

They love being able to change the world in meaningful ways.

The animal rights community has been waiting decades for a superannuation fund that wouldn't compromise their ethics. Now we have one! As a vegan and animal rights activist, I didn't want to compromise my ethics any longer by investing in funds that profit from animal and human exploitation. Not only is it ethical, but I have been very impressed with the fund's performance.
Animal Rights Advocate
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When you sign up, we can easily find your other super accounts. You can then transfer those accounts to Cruelty Free Super with just a couple of clicks.

Important Note: While we make it easy to sign up and combine your super, you should not make a financial decision based on these factors. You should read the Product Disclosure Statement before making any financial decisions. Transferring your accounts to Cruelty Free Super means that your request for a rollover is sent to your other fund, and your other super is usually transferred within 7 business days.

Invest clean and green

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When you sign up, we can easily find your other super accounts. You can then transfer those accounts to Cruelty Free Super with just a couple of clicks. Get started now, it takes just 2 minutes.

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