How we invest

Our three step process to developing a cruelty free and humane investment portfolio.

The creation of our Cruelty Free Super portfolio

It's a three-step process


Firstly, our ethical investment team analyse companies on Australian (as well as fixed interest and property investments) to create a universe of stocks which pass our strict ethical investment criteria. The ethical investment team ensures stocks in the portfolio have superior environmental, social and ethical credentials.


Then, our investment team uses this ethically screened universe to create the Cruelty Free Super portfolio. The investment team selects the ethical stocks they believe will produce superior financial returns.


Finally, our team look for positive industries like cruelty free healthcare, education, and technology to add to the portfolio.

Just some of our great investments

Wouldn't it be nice to own a slice of this pie?...

SEEK operates across a broad portfolio of employment, education, and volunteering services around the world with the unified purpose of helping people live more fulfilling and productive working lives. The group aims to deliver world-class technology solutions to address the needs of jobseekers and employers within the employment marketplace with exposure to 4.1 billion people and 30% of global GDP.

NextDC provides data centre outsourcing solutions, connectivity services, and infrastructure management software with a nationwide network of Tier III facilities, servicing a broad range of clients from SMEs to large multinationals and government. The company strives towards sustainability in its data centres and utilising renewable energy as much as possible - NextDC is leading the industry with award-winning engineered designs for its centres after being awarded a NABERS 4.5 star certification.

Tox Free manages collection, recycling, and management of solid, liquid, and hazardous waste. Innovation and technology are at the heart of their approach to removing hazardous and specialised waste. Tox Free is a leader in remediating contaminated sites and providing environmental services to meet environmental compliance. They are a leader in Indigenous relations, particularly through their joint venture in PTES - an incorporated Pilbara Aboriginal business, of which 38% of its workforce are Indigenous Australians.

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But wait, there's more

The Cruelty Free Super fund invests in the following companies in its listed shares, unlisted shares, property, and fixed interest portfolios. The information below is provided for general information purposes only. It is not a recommendation to buy or sell any of the investments listed.

This list is current as at February 2018.

Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency

New Energy Solar
Infigen Energy


Japara Healthcare
Sonic Healthcare
Virtus Health

Sustainable Home, Industrial & Automotive Products


Water, Recycling & Waste Management

Tox Free Solutions

IT, Software & Technology Services



Vocus Group

Banks, Insurance & Financial Services

Bank of Queensland
Insurance Australia Group


Aveo Group

Professional Services


Education, Employment and Community Services


Food & Markets

No items found.

Social Impact Bonds

No items found.

Public Transport

No items found.

Clothing & Apparel

No items found.

Media, Information & Entertainment

No items found.

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You should read the PDSAdditional Information Booklet and Insurance Guide before making any financial decisions regarding Cruelty Free Super.