FAQS: Early release of super due to COVID-19

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When will I receive my money?

It can take up to 12 days from when your application is approved by the ATO to receive your money.
If it has been longer than 12 days since your application was approved by the ATO and you have not received your money, email us at hello@crueltyfreesuper.com.au with the subject line “COVID19 Early release of super” and our team will see what’s causing the delay.‍

I gave the wrong bank account details to the ATO. How do I change them?‍

We need to confirm your identity before we can make the payment to your correct bank account. You need to send us:
  • A photo of your driver’s licence (the photo must be clear, and the details on your licence must match our records)
  • A selfie of you holding your driver’s licence (this photo must be clear enough for us to read what is on your licence)
  • A copy of your bank account statement (that shows the correct bank account details, and matches your ID details)
Please email these documents to hello@crueltyfreesuper.com.au. 
Please note: We can only change your details if you discover your error and provide us with the correct details before the payment is made. However, If you discover your error after the payment has been made to the wrong bank account, we should still be able to reverse the payment and pay it using the correct details. Please be patient with our team while we work to retrieve your money.

What if I no longer need my payment and want to cancel it?‍

Please get in touch with us and we can put in a request to cancel your payment. If the payment has already been processed by our accounts team, however, we are unable to reverse it.‍
Please note: if you decide to cancel your payment, you will be ineligible to make another early release application until after 1 July 2020. If your application was made after 1 July 2020 and you cancel your payment, you may no longer be eligible for another payment.


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