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Happy Veganuary!
Veganuary is a not-for-profit initiative that launched in the UK challenging people to go vegan in the month of January. But it’s since become a global phenomenon, with the mission to inspire and support people to give veganism a go, driving mass movement and creating noise for corporate change.
If you’re thinking about participating in the challenge this January, or in any month in the year – we have five tips to help you get started.

1. Take the Veganuary pledge

In 2023, more than 700,000 people participated in Veganuary worldwide1, and this continues to grow! Find out more on the Veganuary website to get ideas on food swaps, the impact you can have by being vegan and which corporations are taking action.
Already vegan? That’s great! You can still make the pledge and join in on Veganuary. The more people the better to make maximum impact. It’s always a great opportunity to learn more about new products, vegan investments and can inspire friends to join in.

2. Enjoy delicious vegan food

Need to get inspired on what ingredients to swap and find recipes to try? Download a free copy of our guide to cruelty-free living. There are pages of vegan staples with delicious and easy recipes and other cruelty-free swaps to consider.
Don’t feel like cooking? There are so many delicious vegan restaurants, grab some friends and explore your city.
Busy, or indecisive about what vegan meals to make? There are meal delivery options such as Soulara and Garden of Vegan which can take away the decision making and stress of cooking.

3. Swapping to vegan products

Veganism isn’t only restricted to a vegan diet. There are clothing, household and beauty products that could be swapped to vegan alternatives. Sometimes it can be a little confusing, as cruelty-free doesn’t necessarily mean the product is vegan, and vegan doesn’t mean that the product was produced via a cruelty-free process.
Choose Cruelty Free is a great resource to help you find Australian companies that are vegan and cruelty-free accredited. Beauty without Bunnies has a thorough global database that specifically labels products and brands that as vegan and cruelty-free.
Making the switch to vegan products is a great way to support companies that are proactively producing these products. At the end of the day, purchasing power makes a difference – the more people who are proactively purchasing vegan products will drive corporate change. Money talks!

4. Visit a vegan market

A great way to explore veganism is to check out local markets and vegan events. Many of these markets showcase local and smaller companies, so you can help support them and discover new vegan delights.
Vegan Australia has an events map that lists all the local vegan markets and events happening near you.

5. Consider switching to a super fund that considers harm to animals

Many people don’t think about their superannuation money and where it is invested. It’s real money funding real things.
Switching your super to an ethical super fund like Cruelty Free Super means that your super money is not invested in companies involved in harmful and destructive activities including animal testing for cosmetics, live animal export, companies operating mandatory detention centres for asylum seekers and more.
Whether you are already vegan or are just participating in Veganuary this year, switching your super to a super fund that considers harm to animals means you can have a lasting impact.
It only takes a few minutes to join and you can start online - find out more.

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