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We take our screening process seriously

Every company that makes it onto our investment list goes through a rigorous ethical screening process.

Excluded investments

Our negative screening process excludes companies engaged in the following activities:
Animal Cruelty
Unnecessarily cruel treatment of animals (performance animals, cosmetic animal testing, factory farming and intensive animal agriculture).
Live animal export
We do not invest in live animal exporters or in companies involved in the live animal export trade.
Intensive agriculture
We screen out companies who farm animals in close, confined conditions.
Fossil Fuels
We do not invest in companies that mine, burn or extract fossil fuels, or in companies that provide significant services to the fossil fuel industry.
Armaments & Militarism
We will not invest in armaments and militarism, support for regressive regimes or operations in countries of concern.
Nuclear and uranium
Old growth logging
Old growth forest logging
Slave labour
Slave labour, poor labour standards or working conditions
Corruption or bribery
Environmental destruction
Destroying or wasting resources, or destruction of valuable environments
Polluting and carbon intensive activities
Social harm
Activities that cause social harm, such as detention centres
Harmful financing
Financing or support of activities which cause environmental or social harm
Poor corporate governance

Approved investments

Our positive screening process actively seeks out companies involved in the following activities:
Renewable energy
Renewable and efficient energy
Recycling and reuse of waste
Resource conservation
Water and resource conservation, and protection of natural environments
Social infrastructure
Green buildings, social infrastructure
Sustainable timber production
Cruelty free healthcare & wellbeing
Efficient transport
Green IT
Sustainable products
Sustainable products, ethical procurement and fair trade
Labour standards & corporate governance
Strong labour standards and corporate governance
Flexible workplaces
Flexibility in work and lifestyle
Community finance
Community finance, local enterprise or social enterprise
Ethical treatment of people and animals
Production of healthy foods
Production of healthy foods and support for healthy lifestyles
Social wellbeing
Activities that promote dignity and wellbeing, and alleviate poverty

Why invest ethically?

When you make a financial investment, you are also making an investment in the type of future you want.

This is at the heart of ethical investment. Do you want to invest in a world with more live animal exports, nuclear weapons and poker machines, or a world with more clean energy, healthy food and accessible education?
Most super funds make investment choices without considering a company’s real-world social, ethical and environmental impact. If a company is large or looks profitable, who cares if they make the money from killing and torturing animals, manufacturing nuclear weapons, selling cigarettes, or burning fossil fuels?
Cruelty Free Super members care.
Our members don’t want their retirement savings funding activities that are harmful to people, animals and the planet. That's why we won’t invest in any company that fails our strict ethical criteria. Instead, we invest your super money in companies building a better world.
Ethical investing is about seeking a good financial return by investing in ways that align your money with your values. It means the investor accounts for the whole impact of a company, not just their bottom line.

Choosing ethical investments

Some super funds are called 'ethical' or have a 'sustainable' option, but it’s not easy to work out what this means.
We are upfront about our values, and transparent about where members' money is invested.
Here’s how we use ethics to shape our investment decisions.
At Cruelty Free Super we use a two-step ethical screening process to ensure your money is invested in companies that can both grow your super savings and build a better world.
  1. Out with the bad: our negative screen rules out harmful and destructive industries like animal testing, cruelty and export, fossil fuels, detention centres, nuclear, tobacco, and more.
  2. In with the good: our positive screen ensures we actively seek out companies that are doing social and environmental good, such as renewable energy, education and IT.
Our ethical research team constantly monitor the companies in our portfolio to make sure they match our values.


An important part of investing ethically is knowing where your money is invested. While most super funds only disclose their largest 10 investments, we are fully transparent. Check out the full Cruelty Free Super portfolio.

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