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Invest in the humane world you want to see.

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We take our screening process seriously

Every company that makes it onto our investment list goes through a well-defined ethical screening process.
We have 16 negative investment screen categories:
  • animal testing
  • live animal export
  • animal food and products
  • animals in sport and entertainment
  • fossil fuels
  • gambling
  • tobacco
  • weapons
  • nuclear energy
  • environmental damage
  • chemicals of concerns
  • mandatory detention of asylum seekers and for-profit prisons
  • alcohol
  • human/labour rights
  • predatory lending
  • controversial activities

Why invest ethically?

When you make a financial investment, you are also making an investment in the type of future you want.
This is at the heart of ethical investing. Do you want to invest in a world with live animal exports, mandatory detention of asylum seekers and poker machines?
Do you want to invest in a world that kills and tortures animals, operates nuclear power plants, sells carcinogenic cigarettes, or mines fossil fuels?
Cruelty Free Super members care.
Our members don’t want their retirement savings funding these harmful activities. That's why we won’t invest in any company that fails our well defined ethical criteria.
Ethical investing is about seeking a good financial return by investing in ways that align your money with your values. It means the investor accounts for the whole impact of a company, not just their bottom line.
Choosing ethical investments
Some super funds are called 'ethical' or have a 'sustainable' option, but it’s not easy to work out what this means.
We are upfront about our values, our investment process and we are transparent about where our members' money is invested.
We use ethics to shape our investment decisions.

Our exclusion criteria in detail

We ensure your super is invested in line with our shared values. We apply the following negative screens to the portfolio to exclude investment in companies that cause harm:
Animal testing
Live animal export
Animal food and products
Animals in sport and entertainment
Fossil fuels
Nuclear energy
Environmental damage
Chemicals of concern
Mandatory detention of asylum seekers and for-profit prisons
Human/labour rights
Predatory lending
Controversial activities
These exclusions apply to both the equity and fixed interest components of our portfolio. We do not provide financing to activities that do not align with our values.

Monitoring our investments

Our ethical research team monitors the companies in our portfolio on a monthly basis to review their compliance with our ethical investment screens. If at any time during the year, a company becomes exposed to activities that are screened out, the company will be removed from the portfolio as soon as possible, aiming to be removed within three months.
Our ethical research team conduct an annual review which looks at a wider universe of investments to determine the list of companies that meet the fund’s investment screens.


An important part of investing ethically is knowing where your money is invested. We are fully transparent about where our member's money is invested. Check out the full Cruelty Free Super portfolio.

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