Super Search Party

The Super Search Party uses the ATO’s SuperMatch system which is currently unavailable.
If you know you have other super accounts and you've decided to combine these accounts into your Cruelty Free Super account, here's three ways to make the transfer happen:
  1. Complete a manual transfer online.

    Transfer old super accounts into Cruelty Free Super

  2. If you have a myGov account, you can transfer super online via the ATO.*
  3. If you know your other super fund’s details, our Member Services Team can help you transfer your old accounts into your Cruelty Free Super account. Send us an email at to get started.
Transferring a full balance over to Cruelty Free Super will close your other super account and cancel any insurance or other benefits that you hold through this account.
*There will be an 'as at' or 'effective' date for the balance shown. In a lot of cases, it will be 30 June 2019 as super funds are only required to report to the ATO once a year. This means your actual account balance may have changed since it was last reported to the ATO, and may be higher or lower than shown on ATO online. Transferring your super using MyGov will transfer the actual full balance in the account as at the date of the transfer request.