You are a voice for the voiceless. Is your super fund silencing you, too?

Join over 1,200 Australians who have chosen the humane option with Cruelty Free Super.

Our ethical screens

Cruelty FreeSuper is Australia’s only vegan super fund. It’s easy to join and takes only a few minutes online.

We do not invest our member's savings in any companies that profit from the exploitation and harm of animals and people. This means excluding companies who test on animals, make or sell animal products, export live animals, or breed animals for food or products.

We also don’t invest in a range of other harmful industries, including detention centres and fossil fuels. Instead, we look for positive investments such as renewable energy, cruelty free healthcare, and innovative technologies.

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Excluded investments

We rule out companies engaged in the following activities, and more.

Animal Cruelty
Animal Cruelty
Live animal export
Live animal export
Intensive agriculture
Intensive agriculture
Fossil Fuels
Fossil Fuels
Environmental destruction
Environmental destruction
Social harm
Social harm
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Approved investments

We look for companies who are making a positive impact in the world.

Renewable energy
Renewable energy
Cruelty free healthcare & wellbeing
Cruelty free healthcare & wellbeing
Efficient transport
Efficient transport
Sustainable products
Sustainable products
Community finance
Community finance
Production of healthy foods
Production of healthy foods
Social wellbeing
Social wellbeing
See our full list of ethical screens →

What makes Cruelty Free Super great

Features and inclusions for every member

Invest clean and green

Invest humanely

Invest in a portfolio of companies that matches your ethics and values.

Super quick signup

Super quick signup

Join in under 2 minutes with our easy online form. All you need is your TFN. It’s that simple.

Easy account transfer

Easy account transfer

We’ll find your lost super for you, and help you combine your other accounts into Cruelty Free Super if you instruct us to.

Easy opt-in insurance

Easy opt-in insurance

We won’t charge you for life insurance you didn’t ask for. If you want cover, with paid for from your super, simply answer some basic questions. If you are eligible, you’ll be covered as soon as you have a balance.

Expert fund manager

Expert fund manager

Our fund managers, Grosvenor Pirie, are specialist ethical investment managers with over 30 years experience.

Online account access

Online account access

Access your account anytime online. Update details, check contributions and request rollovers all in one easy place.

Join the fossil free movement

Join the cruelty free movement

Thousands of conscious consumers have made the switch to stop funding animal cruelty with their super.

Excellent customer service

Unnusually good customer service

Every time you call us you'll speak to a real live human being. No long call queues, no robots. 

What to expect with your Cruelty Free Super membership

  • Easy notification of new super fund to employer.

  • Personal contribution into super fund.

    Accepted via direct debit or cheque.

  • Salary sacrifice options

  • Optional death cover, death & total permanent disability, and income protection.

    Find out more about insurance in our Insurance Guide or by calling 1300 022 762.

  • Nominate a beneficiary.

  • Growth investment option.

  • Experienced investment committee decides who we invest in.

  • Member portal access.

  • Eligible for government co-contributions.

Cruelty Free Super Dashboard

Cruelty Free Super accumulation fund

Your super will be invested in a growth option.


  • Suits members seeking both growth and income from their super savings and a balance between risk and return. 
  • Intended for everyday Australians who want to shift their super away from activities which are harmful to animals and people, and instead want to see their super invested in companies which make a positive impact.

Asset allocation & investment strategy

We aim to invest in a diverse mix of assets with 70% in growth assets (like shares and property) and 30% in defensive assets (like fixed interest and cash).

We target the following asset allocation:



Australian shares




Fixed interest





membership fee
That's $1 a week.
per annum
investment +
administration fee
exit fee
performance fees
entry fees


Standard risk measure

It is estimated that there may be a negative annual return 4 to less than 6 times out of 20 years.

4 - 6 years

Recommended minimum investment timeframe

Return objective

The fund aims to outperform its benchmark (the Consumer Price Index + 2.25%) over rolling 8 year time periods.

Fund returns

How we compare to the benchmark. 3 year returns shown to 31 December 2017.

Cruelty Free

Inception date is 1 September 2014. Returns shown for Cruelty Free Super are after fees and taxes. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. For detailed information about Future Super please read the Product Disclosure Statement, Additional Information Booklet, Financial Services Guide and Insurance Guide. * The benchmark is CPI +2.25% per annum.

Ethical Funds do it better

Responsible investment funds have outperformed over 3, 5 and 10 years^ 

Responsible investment fund average return ^
Regular fund average return^
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^ Source: Responsible Investment Association of Australasia, 2017 Benchmarking Report, Figure 5. This graph shows 10 year returns for Australian share funds, comparing responsible funds with large-cap Australian share funds. This graph does not represent Cruelty Free Super's returns - to see these visit our performance & returns page. Past performance isn't a reliable indicator of future returns.

What our customers say

They love being able to change the world in meaningful ways.

Without realising it, our super is invested into all kinds of industries, including ones that we find pretty abhorrent - meat, dairy, eggs. I didn’t want my money to be anywhere near that sort of thing.
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A diversified, future-focused portfolio of investments

The Cruelty Free Super portfolio is filled with many of Australia’s greatest, forward-thinking companies. Here are just a few…

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Common questions

Some things you might be wanting to know

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How do I check up on my account?

You can view your account online anytime via the member portal. You can also call 1300 022 762 or email with any enquiries.

How do I move my current super?

You can request a rollover in the join form (if you’re not yet a member) or by sending in our rollover form. We’ll get in touch with your other fund to transfer your super across, which may automatically close your old account.

Can you find my old super accounts?

Yes. We run a SuperMatch search with the ATO to find your old accounts. These will be visible in your member portal shortly after you join, where you can select which ones you want to transfer across.

Can I get insurance?

We offer Death, Death and Total & Permanent Disability, and Income Protection cover. It’s just a few simple questions in the join form or member portal to opt in for Death and Death & TPD. See our insurance guide for all the details.

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You should read the PDSAdditional Information BookletFinancial Services Guide and Insurance Guide before making any financial decisions regarding the Cruelty Free Super fund.

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We will always respect your privacy. See our Privacy Policy to find out more.

You should read the PDSAdditional Information Booklet and Insurance Guide before making any financial decisions regarding Cruelty Free Super.

It's good to know the fine print

Here are some important documents you should read

You should read the PDS and Additional Information Booklet before making any financial decisions regarding the Cruelty Free Super super fund.


Our Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) tells you everything you need to know about your super fund in a standardised format. Every super fund must create a PDS following the government’s guidelines. If you’re trying to compare Cruelty Super to your current fund, this is what you want to read.

Download Product Disclosure Statement


Our Additional Information Booklet is exactly that - even more detail for lovers of fine print. Find out everything about making contributions, accessing your super benefits, our insurance options and more.

Download Additional Information Booklet

Finally, a super fund you can trust

With your retirement savings and with our planet

Our parent company is certified by the Responsible Investment Association of Australasia for our responsible investment process for all investment decisions. We help raise the bar of what it means to invest in an ethical way.

Our fund managers, Grosvenor Pirie, have over 30 years experience in keeping Australian workers' investments safe and performing. They are experts in superannuation fund management.

Certified B Corporations are leaders of a global movement of people using business as a force for good™. Our parent company has been awarded this status which means we meet the highest standards of social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability.

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