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Performance test update
Cruelty Free Super’s Growth option failed the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority’s 2023 annual performance test for the first time. Learn more.

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Our members are thinkers.
Our members are change makers.
They have thought deeply about what's wrong with the world today, and have joined together to create a better future.
Cruelty Free Super was created a decade ago as the first super fund to avoid harm and exploitation of animals by not investing in companies that are involved in animal testing. Today we have added to this with a broader range of ethical screens, excluding companies involved with live animal export, mandatory detention centres of asylum seekers and gambling on horse racing. See our ethical investment screens for more information.

Is your super harming animals?

Zero investments in companies involved in using or exploiting animals for fur or down, fishing or hunting, or live animal export.

Is your super funding detention centres?

Zero investments in companies involved in mandatory detention centres for asylum seekers.

Is your super aligned with your values?

We only invest in companies that meet our strict ethical investment screens.

Switching your super can help end animal suffering

Many people don’t think about their superannuation money and where it is invested.
But it’s real money funding real things. And it’s a lot of money.
Superannuation in Australia is the third biggest pension pool in the world (source: OECD).
And chances are, your super is helping fund cruel and inhumane practices every day.
Things like:
  • animal testing in the cosmetics industry,
  • pharmaceutical industry testing on animals,
  • farming for animal products,
  • live animal exports,
  • hunting weapons,
  • and horse racing facility operators and betting companies.
Our investment manager conducts research and screens out companies involved in these practices.

Join thousands of proactive Australians who’ve aligned their super with their values.

We take our investment screening process seriously

We have 16 negative investment screen categories:
  • animal testing
  • live animal export
  • animal food and products
  • animals in sport and entertainment
  • fossil fuels
  • gambling
  • tobacco
  • weapons
  • nuclear energy
  • environmental damage
  • chemicals of concerns
  • mandatory detention of asylum seekers and for-profit prisons
  • alcohol
  • human/labour rights
  • predatory lending
  • controversial activities
We also apply a positive screen - seeking investment in companies that have been identified as a “vegan hero”. These are companies that are known to provide a vegan or cruelty free alternative to products or services that typically exploit animals. Our investment in Beyond Meat is an example of this. See our full list of investments here.

Let's change the way the world eats.

When Cruelty Free Super launched our international portfolio in February 2021, one of the first companies we invested in was Beyond Meat.
Our members are now part-owners of an inspiring company that has a bold mission – to change the way the world eats, from animal to plant-based protein.
Check out the NPR podcast with Beyond Meat's inspirational founder, Ethan Brown.
Cruelty Free Super
is the proud supporter of the

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