The super fund that doesn't harm animals

Where do you stand?

Our members are thinkers.
Our members are change makers.
They have thought deeply about what's wrong with the world today, and have joined together to create a better future.
Cruelty Free Super was created a decade ago as the first super fund that doesn't exploit or harm animals.
We also screen out companies that harm people and the environment.

100% Cruelty Free

Zero investments in companies involved in using or exploiting animals for food, testing, entertainment or export.

Support Human Rights

Zero investments in companies involved in detention centres.

Invest in a kinder world

Invest in positive industries like education, recycling and renewable energy.

Switching your super can help end animal suffering

Most people don’t think about their superannuation money and where it is invested.
But it’s real money funding real things. And it’s a lot of money.
Superannuation in Australia is the third biggest pension pool in the world1.
And chances are, your super is helping fund cruel and inhumane practices every day.
Things like:
  • animal testing in the cosmetics industry,
  • pharmaceutical industry testing on animals,
  • farming for animal products,
  • intensive animal livestock production,
  • live animal exports,
  • fashion industry exploitation of animal products,
  • hunting weapons,
  • and racing industries.
Our investment manager conducts research and screens out companies involved in these practices.
1. OECD Pension Funds in Figures

Join thousands of proactive Australians who’ve aligned their super with their values.

We take our screening process seriously

Excluded investments

Animal cruelty
Live animal export
Intensive agriculture
Fossil fuels
Environmental destruction

Approved investments

Renewable energy
Resource conservation
Sustainable products
Cruelty free healthcare

What makes Cruelty Free Super different from other ethical funds?

Most ethical funds screen out investments that harm the planet and people.
Cruelty Free Super has three ethical investment screens.
Cruelty Free Super does not invest in:
  • Companies that harm the planet (e.g. fossil fuels, nuclear energy, pollution, environmental destruction)
  • Companies that harm people (e.g. slave labour, detention centres)
  • Companies that harm and exploit animals (e.g. cosmetic testing, factory farming, animals in sport and entertainment)
Cruelty Free Super - we are about the Planet, People & Animals.

Happy supporters of the Vegan community

Let's change the way the world eats.

When Cruelty Free Super launched our international portfolio in February 2021, one of the first companies we invested in was Beyond Meat.
Our members are now part-owners of an inspiring company that has a bold mission – to change the way the world eats, from animal to plant-based protein.
Check out the NPR podcast with Beyond Meat's inspirational founder, Ethan Brown.

Where do you stand?

We'd like you to stand with us.